What to look for in an HOA Manager

The most effective attribute a successful HOA Property Management Company can have are:

1) The ability to handle day-to-day issues with good sense and without supervision

2) Helpfully guide the Board's decision-making processes and

3) Be available and responsive to homeowners

Naturally, a successful HOA manager should be professionally competent is all aspects of Association Management and have the requisite licensure and experience to perform their required duties.  But there are other attributes that are important to be a successful HOA service provider!

Homeowners have more permanence and investment than renters, so effective HOA Management must consider the long-term implications of its actions differently than a typical property management firm.  Consistency, fairness, approachability and proven experience are important considerations, as are the interpersonal skills of the firm' manager(s) in dealing with conflicts, emergencies and the expressed interests of the Board in all aspects of their community.

With this in mind, it's important to hire an HOA management company that has proven methods for managing group politics and negotiating agreements among members with conflicting points of view. You should feel comfortable and confident that your Manager will represent your community with its best interests at heart.

You should expect your professional HOA management company to deliver these key results:

Faster response times, to Board requests and homeowner inquiries

Safe and efficient financial management

Fairness and equity in handling disputes

Better vendor relations and more diversified bids

About 75% of HOAs are managed by professional companies.

Finding the firm to best fit your needs is what it's all about.

                                            We at Western Slope HOA Management, LLC hope to have an opportunity to work with you!

Tracey Heritage

Tracey had been licensed as an Associate Broker, then Managing Broker from 2004 to 2013. At the time this designation was what was required to manage Homeowner Associations.  She worked with Monument Realty from 2002 to 2007 in the Property Management department.  At that time, Monument discontinued this department and Tracey opened Heritage Property Management.  Her development of a website data base on-line for HOA information was a first in the community and is still utilized today. 

Western Slope HOA Management will also utilize an on-line database.  We are encouraging e-mail as the primary form of correspondence; association fee billings, violation notices,  neighborly newsletters and general information will be shared with Owners in a timely manner.  The intention is to reduce extreme postage expenses most HOA's bear.

Tracey has been semi-retired for several years.  She completed a Veterinary Technician degree, mastered some culinary courses, writing fiction (so far unpublished!) and tending to her small flock of chickens and four dogs. 

She has noted that while regulations and requirements for Homeowner Associations have been steadily on the rise, the number of companies available to HOA's has remained stagnant.  Her desire is to maintain a small number of Associations in which to give dedicated attention to. 

Tracey completed the required CAM licensure for herself and her company in April.   

Thank you for your interest and hope we may be of service to you.