Hiring a Professional Property Manager for your HOA or Condo Association is the surest way to build value in your community, for yourself and for your neighbors. Western Slope HOA is a CAM (Community Association Management) Company licensee which offers the latest professional standards, proven cost-effective methods and the best assistance for your HOA to achieve complete governance and legal compliance.

Our goal at Western Slope HOA is to maintain a small select group of Community Associations for complete, hands-on property management services.  Under direction of your elected Board of Directors, the services would include complete financial reporting on a timely monthly basis, property inspections, collection of competitive bids of all services required by the HOA, preparation of Reserve studies, violation notification and communications to the membership by newsletters or e-mail bulletins.

Western Slope HOA Management would also act as the Association’s financial agent.  This would include billing assessments, provide for on-line payment of assessments by checking or credit card, collection of same, maintain bank accounts, pay invoices, prepare and monitor receivables aging reports and assist in the preparation of each annual budget. You will find Western Slope HOA to be friendly, efficient, timely and fair.  Please don’t hesitate to call with any specific questions that you might have.  A customized estimate and description of your specific services is available to your Association upon request at any time. Contact us today to see how we can help you!